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Protestor’s Kit Oakland (2020) is an organization that tethers itself to the needs of the community. When the May 29th riots broke out in Oakland, that looked like emergency protest kits with anti tear gas solution, goggles, masks, and gloves. When the riots ceased, it looked like neighborhood disruption—a wake up call to the communities that may have forgotten the work still to be done. And as everyone inevitably heads into the future, Protestor’s kit Oakland believes that granting the general public access to decolonial education is the most sustainable resource for change. 


P.K.O. understands that the community can not yet know what to ask for until their needs are accompanied by language that; embodies their trauma, clarifies positionality within structures of white supremacy, patriarchy, and capitalism, and most importantly executes frameworks of healthy communication, healing, and JOY. None of which can happen under police supervised governance. Therefore, P.K.O. believes that the total abolition of the prison industrial complex is the necessary first step towards communal liberation. 


Change nor support happen in a vacuum, which is why P.K.O. depends on active community dedication via donation of time, money, and resources for the fulfillment of the people. This is an organization that welcomes all who are willing to cache in on a collective imagination, one that transforms the focus of our fight from resistance to persistence.


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